Co-operation Partner of the FEMERAID International in its humanitarian work

Besides a good co-operation and a fruitful collaboration with several laboratories and companies producing medicines and medical equipment, as well as with hospitals in different countries, Femeraid International and/or the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta  ( KMFAP ) on its behalf, have signed agreements of collaboration, among other, with the following entities :

  • Recently Femeraid - Holland Unit signed with the Dutch Red Cross an agreement of co-operation for providing support to patients with Cancer.
  • The Embassy to the Republic of Angola of the State of the Federation ( KMFAP ) signed in 2007 for Femeraid Angola an agreement with the Angolan Heart Institute ( ICOR ).
  • Femeraid - Belgium Unit signed in 2010 an agreement with of co-operation with the Civil Protection Department of the Republic of Malta.
  • Femeraid International has an agreement of co-operation signed with IBSSA - International Bodyguard and Security Services Association.
  • Femeraid International signed in Hungary an agreement of co-operation with the Baptist Humanitarian Service.
  • Femeraid International has recently become a member of the  African Federation of Emergency Medicine ( AFEM ) .
  • Femeraid International has an agreement  of co-operation signed with "Oltalom" the Humanitarian Service of the Methodist Church
  • Femeraid International has an agreement of co-operation signed with Saint Lazarus International Order or CSLI
  • BioLabor has recently started a collaboration with Femeraid International