Important Donation of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) to Ukraine
Recently, on behalf of our Sovereign Order and State (KMFAP), our Knight Sir Klemen Molek (Slovenia) signed an agreement with the People's Self Defence Lviv - a Ukrainian NGO based in the city of Lviv - for the donation and distribution in Ukraine of twenty (20) containers full of protective equipment destined to both the Ukrainian civilians and the Armed Forces or other legal units like Civil Protection, Police, Fire brigade or Emergency Services of the country.

Hoping that this equipment, now donated, may contribute to save lives, but also in the hope that Peace in that region may come soon, the Magisterial House and the Office of the Prime Minister of our Sovereign Order and State (KMFAP), on behalf of all our Knights and Dames, come to express the most sincere appreciation to Sir Kemen Molek and to his father Sir Marjan Molek for their dedication and commitment to our Humanitarian work. They are an example to all.