Appointment of a New Secretary General for FEMERAID International

Founded in 2000 and registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of New York on the 15th August 2002 as part and parcel of KMFAP, FEMERAID International has continued to grow and expand its services around the world through its Units, from Florida to Cambodia, from Brazil to Hungary, from Malta to Angola, Benin, Republic of the Congo and also through its different services such as the FEMERAID International Air Rescue, which carries out medical evacuations of critical patients all over the world, or the growing FEMERAID International Ambulance Service, which has already rendered very important services and saved many lives. 

In fact, the humanitarian work that FEMERAID International has done since its creation is remarkable, therefore it was necessary to have a Secretary General to articulate the best that each FEMERAID Unit can offer, so to coordinate and support the work of the FEMERAID Representatives in the many different countries, to organise joint training courses and to establish an active connection, collaboration and dialogue among the various FEMERAID Units. 

For this reason, and based on the commitment and brilliant services rendered since its foundation, the Board of FEMERAID International and the leadership of KMFAP have decided to appoint Sir Dr. Nuno Gonçalo Cosmelli as Secretary General, who was indeed the originator of the idea to create FEMERAID International, an idea that was immediately accepted by the then Grand Master, His Beatitude Dom Lorenzo.

The Magisterial House of KMFAP and the Board of Directors of FEMERAID International will be grateful to all Knights, Dames, FEMERAID Units and Representatives, as well as to other external entities, for any support and assistance given to the new Secretary General.

15th November 2022