Snippet from FEMERAID International Air Rescue as of 15 November 2022
The Air Rescue Team of FEMERAID International informs all our members, Knights and Dames of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) about the followings:

Humanity has now surpassed eight billion people, a record number never reached by our species, the pressure on natural resources and of course on public health expose everyone to the most communicable diseases. Nature has compensatory mechanisms, and the exponential growth of mankind can be viewed as a nuisance by Mother Nature. We hit the first billion people on Earth in 1803 and in just over 200 years we grew 8 times that number and by the metrics we will reach 10 billion people by 2038.

All this exponential growth comes at the expense of increasing quality of life and competition and pressure for already scarce natural resources. If we want to avoid new pandemics, we must have a collective conscience that even limits some freedoms. What we have learned from Covid cannot and should not be forgotten for the benefit of the most vulnerable.

Keep safe and stay healthy.

15th November 2022