Medical Snippet of FEMERAID International – Does warm weather reduce or eliminate COVID-19?
Most influenza viruses tend to disappear or have significant decrease on the amount of cases during the warmer months, but, unfortunately, the latest data do not support this theory for COVID-19, as the number of cases shows a tremendous increase in Europe and America and we are now very close to the 10 million confirmed cases worldwide.

In the first month of this outbreak we had less than 10,000 cases and in the last 4 weeks we had more than 4 million cases, so this is putting lots of pressure on the health systems of the countries in Europe in particular, with more than 2 million and 600 thousand cases, and on the American continent with more than 4 million and 604 thousand cases.

Some countries are reviewing their measures and some are cancelling their original summer plans.

Oxygen is now even more precious than ever, and some countries report shortages, since – for the current rate of about 1 million new cases a week – the world needs about 620,000 cubic meters of oxygen a day, which is about 88,000 large cylinders per day and at the moment the production capacity is only around 70% of the needs worldwide.

We need to slow down the spread of this virus over the summer because after three months the weather will start to cool down and the virus will increase the chaos in hospitals again.

Keep your distance, stay at home and don't expose yourself and your family unnecessarily, this is far to be over.

30th June 2020