Medical Alert 9–16 April 2018 - week 15


Cholera outbreak During February, more than 27 000 Congolese refugees have crossed Lake Albert into Uganda and a outbreak of cholera has been declared in the Kyangwali refugee settlement, located in Hoima district, mostly affecting newly arrived refugees from DRC. Since the outbreak began in mid-February, more than 1,460 suspected cases, including more than 30 deaths, have been reported. Further cases have been reported in Kyaka II Refugee settlement in Kyegegwa District.

The settlements close to the landing sites at the shores of Lake Albert are most vulnerable to infection. Cholera cases have been detected in villages around Hoima district, including in the sub-counties of Buseruka, Hoima and Kabwoya.

The rapid escalation in cholera cases during this time could indicate a high transmission rate and is mainly due to poor water quality, sanitation and hygiene. A public health response is underway including the setup of treatment centres, efforts to improve water quality and sanitation, and enhanced surveillance...