Important notice for the members of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) and for all its associated federations and partner organisations

Dear Dames and Knights,

our dear friends and partners, from the news everyone has already been aware of the natural disaster caused by the floods that hit Serbia and Bosnia last week. So far, more than one and a half million people had to be evacuated!

While the FEMERAID International Slovakian Unit – the Komplexná Centrálná Záchranná Služba (KCZS) – has been battling the flood on the spot in Serbia for some days, the FEMERAID International Budapest Unit awaits ready to ride the official information from the Serbian authorities about where they are most needed and possibly soon the unit departs to the scene! Invariably there is a need for help and it is expected that for quite a long time assistance will still be needed, therefore we ask all those, who can support, to do so!

The following donations are needed galore: baby food, water, blankets and sleeping bags! If you can help, please send these donations to the specified collection point (see address below), from where the donations will be transported to different Serbian and Bosnian locations by FLP – under the supervision of Sir Alexander Milesz – Grand Officer of Knight of Malta (KMFAP), Grand Cross Knight of Cyprus!

Address: Forever Living Products Ltd. Hungary 1184 Budapest, Nefelejcs u. 9-11.

The cash donations can be transferred to the Bank Account of the Bosnian Embassy:
Account number (Hungarian Forint): 10104105-56310346-00000004
Name of Accountant: Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Please write in the Remarks: "Aid for flooded areas"

Yours sincerely,

H.G. Prof. George Popper