Summary of the activities of Femeraid International – Angola Unit in Africa from December 2012 to December 2013

Medical rescue and evacuation of critical patients

The Femeraid Unit of the Embassies in Africa of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP), during this one-year period, have performed 87 (eighty seven) medical evacuations by air-plane of critical patients, to and from the following countries:

- Angola
- Belgium
- Brazil
- China
- Congo
- Dubai
- France
- India
- Mauritania
- Philippines
- Portugal
- Russia
- South Africa
- Ukraine
- United Kingdom

We are very proud to announce that all the patients arrived alive to their destinations, and, among all of these evacuations, we would like to underline the evacuation of premature newborn babies done in a special mobile incubator.

Evacuation of critical patient from the interior of the country

Assistance to sportive events

During this period the Femeraid Team of our KMFAP Embassy to the Republic of Angola has provided high quality Medical Assistance to several events and Sports, which took place in Angola, such as:

Trauma room inside the Stadium for the Roller Hockey World Championship in Namibe Province in Angola

- World Championship of Roller Hockey: Our Femeraid team was based during the event in the Angolan Province of Namibe and settled a Trauma Room inside the Stadium in order to provide assistance to the following National Teams: United States of America, Angola, Argentina, France, Germany, Uruguay, Italy, Mozambique and Colombia.

- 4x4 Rallies: Our Femeraid – Angola Unit provided assistance with its Mobile Hospital to the following races: Luanda, Porto Amboim, Rio Longa, Sumbe, Benguela, Lubango, Namibe and Huambo

- Sea sports: with its Mobile Inflatable Hospital our Femeraid – Angola Team assisted the "Eco Wave" a Sea Sportive event named Mussulo Radical

Air view of Our Femeraid Mobile Hospital during a 4x4 car race As we have been doing, since our Sovereign Order and State (KMFAP) and the Republic of Angola have established Diplomatic Relations in 1995, during this period the Femeraid – Angola Unit has continued its collaboration with the Angolan national authorities such as the National Police, the Angola's National Medical Emergency Institute (ENEMA), the Civil Protection Authority, the Military Health Services, etc..

Collaboration of Femeraid with local authorities – ENEMA civil protection and Army medical services, doctors, nurses and paramedics in a joint team

Collaboration with the Police Force – Our medical team on board of a police heli, which was equipped with our medical emergency kits

- Assistance to the International Half Marathon of the city of Luanda: Femeraid – Angola Unit with its inflatable hospital has provided assistance to the athletes of the different nations participating in this important international sport event.


After the large donation of medicines and medical equipment done during 2013 to the Rotary Club of Guinea-Bissau (our Embassy to Guinea-Bissau has stopped its activity since our Government, like the Governments of many countries, including EU, does not recognize the present revolutionary Government of this country), KMFAP has continued with the program of donations of medicines, medical equipment and baby milk in collaboration with some of our Knights.

Between December 2012 and December 2013 we have promoted in collaboration with a company owned by one of our knights the following donations:

- Donation of baby milk to 2 different institutions were done in Angola during this period:

1- Donation of 1.000 (One Thousand) cans of high quality powder Baby Milk done to the Pediatric Hospital of Luanda (see photo)

2- Donation of 1.000 (One Thousand) cans of high quality powder Baby Milk done to the Kuzola Home for Children in Luanda (see photo)

Pediatric Hospital Luanda

Kuzola Children's Home

- Donation of medicines and medical equipment to Bengo Province in Angola: the Embassy to Angola of our Sovereign Order and State, through its Femeraid – Angola Unit, and with the support of a company owned by one of our Knights, has performed the donation of Medicines and Medical Equipment in the value of $100.000,00 (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars) to the Provincial Hospitals of Bengo Angola.

Courses and Formation

During this period our Pro Deo State University has provided two different types of courses in Angola:

- First Aid courses: the Critical Care Academy of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Pro Deo State University has, during this period, trained in First Aid – Basic Life Support, 194 (One Hundred and Ninety Four) persons in Angola.

- Tourism courses: different courses about Tourism have been organised in this period to support the tourism development of Angola. Among these courses it is important to mention the course for Assistant Tourism Guides to respond to the demand by the Cruise Ships visiting Angola.

Assistance to the Population

During this one-year period our Embassy has done several actions of Medical Assistance to the population, mainly to the children, and among all the actions, the largest of all was the one that took place in the Angolan Province of Cabinda.

This time the Embassy to Angola of our Sovereign Order and State, through its Femeraid Unit and 16 of its volunteer doctors and nurses, in collaboration with an International Foundation, offered medical check ups to detect several illnesses to 1.242 (One-Thousand Two-Hundred and Forty-Two) children, students of the grammar schools of this province. There was also a Dental Hygiene Workshop for the children, who received at the end a Dental Hygiene kit, a T-Shirt of the event, a cap and a backpack with a light meal.

The total cost of this activity was of 300.000,00 (Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars)

FEMERAID Africa has new modern equipment

The International Medical Aid institution of our Sovereign Order and State (KMFAP), called Femeraid International, due to the constant growth of its activities in Africa, and mainly due to the perspectives of new humanitarian activities planned for the near future in several African countries, has just bought two (2) new large Inflatable Mobile Hospitals and the respective State-of-the-Art equipment for each one of them.

These new Mobile Hospitals, with the approximate area of 70 m2 each, can work separately or the two of them in conjunction, and they both have rooms inside for several purposes. The new hospitals show in all sides the symbols of KMFAP and of Femeraid International.

The following are the first photos of the hospitals while they were being decorated and prepared to be delivered to us.

New installations of the Chancellery of KMFAP Embassy to Angola

Due to the growth in the activities of our Embassy to Angola, the Government of the State of the Federation (KMFAP) has decided to move to new and larger premisses in the city of Luanda, where the vast equipment of our Femeraid – Angola Unit can also be kept and stored.

The address of the new Embassy is: Rua José Pereira do Nascimento nº 6 - Maianga, Luanda, Angola

Our Consulate General remained in the premisses, where our Embassy was located until now.

His Eminent Highness Jose, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State