The Budapest Unit of the FEMERAID International held cooperative search and rescue exercise in Buda area.

The Central Buda Voluntary Civil Protection Association as the FEMERAID Budapest Unit frequently organises exercises to ensure the up to date knowledge, and preparedness of the volunteers in different areas. In this event the professional topics were: search and rescue, alpine rescue, mobile medical unit operations, telecommunication, supply matters and radiological detection. During the planning of the exercise we also invited the BÖME-KECS special rescue team to participate in the operation.

During the exercise our volunteers established a small mobile medical aid station, and performed medical treatments in it. The rescue dogs of the BÖME-KECS scanned the operational territory and found some injured people. The volunteers saved and transported the injured people to the mobile medical aid station where other volunteers and doctors took care of them. The alpine rescue volunteers saved those people who were on high or difficult to access places. The technical rescue patrols disengaged the cribbed and wounded people.

The telecommunication of the operation was assured by the equipment of the Central Buda Voluntary Civil Protection Association. After the search and rescue operations the search dogs performed a successful scan for dead bodies. Later the volunteers managed the radiological detection of the mobile medical aid point. The appointed cook took care for the supply of the exercise.

After the exercise the volunteers had a chance to have a common dinner, and some interesting talks on the exercise. According to the opinions the exercise was very useful for both teams and will be organized regularly.



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