Humanitarian Actions of KMFAP in ANGOLA

Under the supervision of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta - Federation of Autonomous Priories ( KMFAP ) in the Republic of Angola, The Emergency Medical Team of our FEMERAID INTERNATIONAL - ANGOLA continues to give medical assistance in the country.

Starting in August 2009 a 9 month program of medical assistance to the populations living in remote places in the interior of Angola, will take place conducted by FEMERAID INTERNATIONAL ANGOLA.

This program - supported by a staff of 9 technicians including medical doctors (among them Pediatricians, Infectologists and neurologists) and nurses, using our Mobile Hospital, several vehicles and with the back up of an helicopter, will cover about 11.800 Km by road, - will be a very large scale operation that will cover the all country and will comprehend, besides medical assistance,  vaccination and collection of data about epidemiology and Public Health.

This program took one year to plan.

Video of the team's work: