His Eminent Highness, the Grand Master, informs that the European Headquarters, in Budapest,  of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta ( KMFAP ), in the fulfillment of its Humanitarian Mission, contributed to the assistance of the victims of the tragic Earthquake in region of Abruzzo by sending to Italy a large quantity of Medicines - mainly antibiotics - with the estimated commercial value of 250.000 Euros.

This Humanitarian Action was possible due to the immediate and very efficient response from the Grand Priory of the Hungarian Langue of KMFAP, to the request of assistance issued by the Grand Master, and also to the quick action and engagement of many of Our Knights, with a special mention to Sir Peter Stangl - Chief of Our Femeraid Rescue Team Hungary -, Sir George Dobo, Sir Jozsef Zsolt Fürstner and Sir Karoly Andras Nagy, as well as to the swift cooperation and prompt important support and assistance of TEVA Hungary Plc. (donating most medicaments) and also of the First Aid Service of the Oxyteam National Sport Federation of Hungary, all under the supervision and coordination of Sir George Popper - Eminent Grand Prior of Hungary of KMFAP.

The Medicines donated by the Federation (KMFAP)  have arrived in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter truck - with cargo capacity for about 3 Tons - to Soccorso Amico in Salerno, Italy. Thanks to the valuable cooperation and support of Matcomp Ltd. for this mission.

Soccorso Amico - an humanitarian and philanthropic institution, created in 1973 - has about 150 volunteers dully trained in Rescue and Pre Hospital Assistance and is a full Member of KMFAP as the Representative and Operative Team for Italy of Femeraid International, the Humanitarian Service of Our Sovereign Order and State (KMFAP). Its founder and actual President, Dr. Sir Giuseppe Satriano, is not only a Knight of our Sovereign Order, but he is also the Vice Minister for Hospitaller Affairs in the Government of the State of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta (KMFAP).

Soccorso Amico was called by the Italian authorities to intervene in the Rescue and Medical Assistance to the victims of the earthquake at 08,00 hours on the day of the tragedy and only 2 hours later its first team was already on its way to Abruzzo. Since that day, until now, Soccorso Amico - and through it our Femeraid team in Italy - has in the area of the catastrophe a team of about 40 people - among doctors, nurses and trained volunteers - , with 4 fully equipped ambulances, all the required medical equipment and other motor vehicles, all performing a remarkable action under such difficult circumstances and situation, and will also have the task of distributing the medicines now donated by the Federation (KMFAP).

The Grand Master salutes the Grand Priory of the Hungarian Langue of KMFAP for one more demonstration of efficiency and of positive humanitarian work, congratulates Soccorso Amico - in its capacity as Representative for Italy of KMFAP Femeraid International - for its good and continuous assistencial work to those in need, expresses His gratitude to Our Bailiff of Abruzzo, Basilicata - Puglia, Sir Giuseppe Caringella and to Sir Raffaele Cataldi and to all Knights involved in this operation for their immediate availability and support. They are an example to all of the true spirit of Knighthood and of Humanitarian Assistance of our Sovereign Order and State.

Magisterial House 12th of April 2009