Report about the Ceremony of the International Knightly Order of St. George 20th April 2008, Máriapócs / HUNGARY

The International Knightly Order of St. George – having close co-operation with IBSSA and with the “Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories” (KMFAP) – held its Consecrating Ceremony on the 20th April 2008 in Máriapócs – the Pilgrim Place of Tearing Madonna.

The Ceremony was executed by Knight Dr. Ken Martin GCStG – Professor of Theology at the University of Cambridge, the first Deputy of Grand Master and was guided by d.v. Mrs. Zsuzsanna Vértes v.l. Kovácsné – Deputy of Grand Master, the Grand Prior of Hungary.

His Grace Count Sir Prof. George Popper, KGC – Lieutenant General of KMFAP, Prime Minister of the Federation’s government, Grand Prior of the Hungarian Langue and President of IBSSA participated the Ceremony as Honorary guest, holding in a very representing and creditable place.
Sir Dr. András Czapáry-Martincsevics, KCM – Bailiff of the Bailiwick of North Hungary, West Hungarian Regional Prior of the International Knightly Order of St. George also attended the Ceremony and His Excellency – during this special event – received his appointment decree to the Order Council.
The international reputation of the Ceremony was represented by the presence of Knight Saša Vujko – the Grand Prior of Serbia of the International Knightly Order of St. George, also IBSSA member, and his wife.
Sir Prof. George Popper was accompanied by His Excellency Sir Dr. Sándor Téglás – Member of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

26 new Knights and Dames were consecrated furthermore a very kind colour of Ceremony was the Consecration of 16 pages (first time). The ecumenical character of the Ceremony was featured rightly by the participation of Knight Fra. Antal Kiss as host, Greek-Catholic Parish Priest of Basilica of Máriapócs, Knight Fra. László Balázsi Unitarian Bishop, Knight Fra. v. Levente B. Juhász Bishop of Reformed Church and Sir Fra. Maximillian R.I. Jankovich c. P.K.M., Generalissimos of Horus Spiritual Order of Malta.

His Grace Count Sir Prof. Dr. George Popper received one of the highest decorations of the Order – the Grand Cross of St. George ornamented by the Saint Crown because of his very valuable activity in the interest of high-level co-operation between the Orders. His Excellency Sir József Mujzer, KM – Prior of County Győr-Moson-Sopron received his advancement decree of Knight Commander.

20th April 2008.