To all Knights and Dames of the Federation
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Saint John,

The Grand Magisterial House has the pleasure of reporting to all the summary of the recent meeting of Grand Council:

In accordance with the legal procedures dictated by the Grand Magisterial Decree given on the 22nd of October of 2005 by His Most Eminent Highness Dom Lorenzo OSB, our deceased former Grand Master, His Most Eminent Highness The Regent, has duly convoked a meeting of the Grand Council to take place in the city of Budapest, Hungary, on the 15th of November, of 2007, in order to fulfill the procedures agreed upon during the last Meeting of the Grand Council convoked for electoral purposes of the 12th of February of 2006.

As convoked, the Grand Council took seat at Casa de La Musica, in Budapest, for its meeting, being present all of its members except two, who could not come to Hungary due to professional engagements, representing the Hereditary Knights, Professed Knights, Grand Priors, Priors and National Bailiffs in a total of twelve Knights and Dames.

H.E.H. The Regent took seat as Chairman of the Grand Council and, after having invited some of the present members to be the Minutes Keeper, and the Minutes Certifiers, addressed the Council. In His speech H. M. E. H. The Regent explained to all the reason of this meeting, expressed His desire to convoke one meeting of the Grand Council every year and gave a brief description of the work done, since His election, in all structures of the Sovereign Order and The State, as well as in the institutions depending on the Magisterial House, namely Pro Deo State University, Femeraid International and the new Chamber of Commerce, as well as the new Magisterial Councils and Colleges. The Regent also explained the need of amending and updating the Constitutional Letter and proposed the merge of The Grand Council and The Magisterial Council in only one body under the name of Grand Magisterial Council with the actual composition and the functions of both. This proposal was approved by unanimity.

After the Lieutenant General took the stand to say that the work of The Regent during this nearly two years was considered by all very positive, efficient and professional, that it is a fact that The Federation is now growing and based on better and more solid structures, and proposed not to ratify the election of the Regent done by the previous meeting of the Grand Council, but also he proposed to the Council to proclaim the actual Regent as Grand Master. This proposal was approved by unanimity and acclamation.

The newly proclaimed Grand Master expressed His acceptance, but also expressed His desire to keep the use of this title to a better occasion, more adequate with the ancient glory of the Sovereign Order, and decided, in accordance with the Constitutional Letter to use for the time being the title of Grand Master - Regent.

After reading to the members RECORD AND MINUTES OF THE MEETING the Chairman declared the meeting closed and invited all the participants to sign this document made in three pages as a testimony that its content corresponds to the truth and to the facts. The said minutes will be dully notarized.

The Grand Magisterial House presents to all its best regards.