Our humanitarian work in the world conducted by our institutuion FEMERAID International


Ambulance offered by our Embassy to the Ministry of Health of the Government of The Republic of Săo Tomé and Principe

Donation of wheel chairs in Jerusalem 1994

Humanitarian work of our Embassy in the Republic of Angola 1998

Soccorso Amico – The Operational and Training Center of FEMERAID – Salerno ITALY

Auditorium Training Centre – Soccorso Amico, ITALY

FEMERAID Rescue Team – Hungary

FEMERAID Rescue Team – Hungary – Vehicles

Medical Air Evacuation of critical patients in Africa

Assistance to Children – Africa

Basic Life Support Courses conducted by our Embassy in the Republic of Angola

Medical Rescue – Africa

Evacuation of Patients

Training on Rescue by Heli conducted by Swiss Rega in Salerno ITALY

Basic Life Support Courses for Children